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About Us

The global beauty industry is scaling at breakneck speed and with such a growth trajectory and endless opportunities in the field, Dr Somdutta Singh founded Boss Lady Beauty a.k.a. BLB which is a modern multitasking makeup & skincare beauty brand for multitasking women. BLB is a unique skin food related product line for aspirational women, women who are always on the move, to whom time is of the highest essence yet taking care of their skin is of utmost importance.  

Now, Dr Som did not just want BLB to be another beauty brand that made fancy skincare products. She wanted to make skincare and beauty products that streamline lives, basically make lives a hell lot better & easier. She wanted to create something transparent and rooted in science, skincare that is approachable and the science behind each ingredient decipherable. BLB products, be it the serums, masks or sprays, use only tried-and-tested ingredients backed by science. Boss Lady Beauty is by multitasking women, for multitasking women, of multitasking women.  

Founder Dr Somdutta Singh says, “Boss Lady Beauty is for boss women, urban metropolitan women who care about their skin as much as they care about her social connections. Boss Lady Beauty combines the goodness of nature, intensity of technology & power of science to give you a beauty brand so versatile, a beauty brand that makes you YOU!”